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Rent-Tech as a division within an information technology company offers wide range of services and solutions; it was conceived from an experience over a period of years that some technologies require extensive upfront capital investment to acquire whilst they also depreciate at an unwelcoming rate. At this point we strive to balance the equation between needs, wants and it’s doesn’t matter as long as it works.


At Rent-Tech we are of the view that all clients are different and in turn their technology needs differ too. We can acquire technologies for super users who know what they need, prestige users who know what represent their image and basic users who are interested on what works.


If you are looking for office technologies, computer rentals and temporary technical skills requirements, Rent-Tech should be your first call. Rent-Tech will help make your meetings, conferences, tradeshows, or corporate events a trouble-free experience; pushing the bar and deriving satisfaction.

Superior customer service is the key to our reputation and when you contact Rent-Tech, you can be rest assured that you are working with dedicated people. Our team and external service providers in audio visual and computer rentals have extensive experience in the technology industry, and can tailor the perfect solution for any business event. Whatever the occasion, Rent-Tech has the expertise in-house or outsourced to get the job done right including support.


Our inventory of audio visual and computer rental equipment features wide range of brands to assist offices function properly and enhance corporate events for successful and painless experiences.

Whatever the size gathering you are considering, our capable experts and partners will design, deliver, set up, and efficiently remove the proper audio visual and computer rental equipment for your meeting, conference, tradeshow, or corporate event. Partners are those we outsource to have an enhanced capability to deliver on the gaps that we can’t fill with our internal team.


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